You can do anything to end slavery.

Really, anything. Decide what to do. Set a goal. And just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money that will help free people from slavery. Forever.

Photo Credit: Miranda Turin



Photo Credit: Miranda Turin

step 1

Choose to stand up against slavery.

40.3 million people are enslaved around the world right now. It only takes a minute to set up a campaign to support Voices4Freedom.


step 2

Create your campaign.

Run, swim, blog, paint, grow a beard. The possibilities are endless. And the potential to free hundreds from slavery is real.

Photo Credit: Miranda Turin

step 3

Spread the word to raise money.

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, and the more people you’ll help bring to freedom through your campaign.


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Are you ready to help end slavery?

Photo Credit: Miranda Turin

just like you

Featured Fundraisers

People just like you are standing up against slavery and helping to free thousands of people with Voices4Freedom. See how they have changed real lives forever—including their own.

Watching the adult villagers and their children morph from downtrodden faces and attitudes, to smiles and self-assurance, is one of the most amazing things to see in the world. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in helping the world be a better place while helping themselves become a better person.


Seeing the difference from a village unknowing that freedom exists to one that is self- sufficient, is absolutely mind blowing. Children dancing and singing with pure joy and freedom to live brings me great joy. I don’t feel I have truly helped make these changes. The people of the villages helped themselves and each other. We support the work. Beautiful work!


To witness first hand, the profound and sustainable affect my contribution to V4F has made possible for an entire village of people is beyond anything I could have imagined. To say that it moves me to tears, that I am inspired and filled with gratitude, barely scrapes the surface. This Matters.

CFA - Committed Freedom Advocate

Often times, philanthropy can be a disconnected experience. You give. You feel good. The org feels good. Yet, you often never get to see the impact of you're giving. Not so, with V4F! The reports we received allowed us to experience the lives we were changing, almost first hand! We were so inspired by the success of this program that we funded another school! Warning...FREEDOM is contagious!

Board Member

When you look into the eyes of someone who is enslaved–they are dark, blank, hopeless. But when that woman, man, or child finally understands they can be free, in fact have a right to be free, a light goes on, hope is born, and the arc of the moral universe truly bends towards justice.

CoFounder, Board Member

Seeing the impact that we have made firsthand and how far the dollar goes, inspires me to want to come back again and again.


You can help end slavery. 


What will you do for freedom?

Photo Credit: Miranda Turin

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