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Schools Built
Our S4F are a comprehensive program that educate children and work with adults to help them learn their rights and unite for freedom.


Children Educated
After 3 years of S4F education children are caught up to their grade level and transition to public school.


Coming to Freedom
It’s 3 years from start to freedom, V4F frontline advocates work in the village everyday to provide on the ground guidance and training.


People Freed
The joy and the passion of freedom is contagious. Every person freed today means their future generations will own their destiny.

They’re ready to stand up to their slaveholder.

Will you stand with them? As an individual donor, your gift alone will help bring an entire village to freedom—forever.


sponsor a village

"Now I feel like I’ve been reborn because I can see I was dead while I was in slavery."


You are someone who wants to take action NOW. You get things done. When you set your sights on a goal, watch out, because you WILL accomplish it. We can't wait for you to meet your match:

The village that you'll sponsor is ready to risk their lives and do the terrifying and grueling work of breaking free and rebuilding their lives. They have vowed to do whatever it takes so that their children don’t grow up in slavery.

When you stand beside them as a Sponsor, you’re not just a financial contributor—you’re an active participant and partner in helping them to freedom. Through in-depth quarterly reports, you’ll follow along with each step of the 3-year process—the thrilling, the horrifying, and the utterly inspiring. And you’ll see it all first hand (if you want to). Journey to meet the very villagers whom you are helping to reclaim their dignity as human beings.

Because of the built-in sustainability of the Schools4Freedom program, part of your legacy will also be that none of the villagers will ever fall prey to slavery again.

empower & educate

Your sponsorship provides everything needed to help bring an entire village to freedom.

Each school costs $38,885 or less than $13,000 per year over 3 years.


or roof that protects children from the heat and rain


who are culturally aware of the local challenges faced by their students


to facilitate and foster the best learning experience for each student


to keep students nourished and focused during the school day


to supply light for studying at night and helps prevent rape and snakebites


local community workers to advocate for villagers with the government


for adults to learn their rights and become empowered to take back their freedom

Are you ready to help a village to freedom?



free a village

What to expect

  • Quarterly reports

    Photos, stories, and hard-core numbers to keep you up-to-date as the villagers make their break for freedom.

  • Site Visit

    Join us on a trip to meet the very individuals you helped to free. Warning: Prepare for your life to be changed.

  • Tax Deductible Donations

    Doesn't hurt to have a nice write off for doing something so good. You will receive an official letter verifying your donation for your annual tax filings.

The future is free

The Faces of Freedom

Meet the 2,500 people we’ve helped free from slavery through education and empowerment in Northern India.

you can help

Heroes don't always wear capes

People just like you are standing up against slavery and helping to free thousands of people with Voices4Freedom. They have changed lives—including their own.

Watching the adult villagers and their children morph from downtrodden faces and attitudes, to smiles and self-assurance, is one of the most amazing things to see in the world. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in helping the world be a better place while helping themselves become a better person.


Seeing the difference from a village unknowing that freedom exists to one that is self- sufficient, is absolutely mind blowing. Children dancing and singing with pure joy and freedom to live brings me great joy. I don’t feel I have truly helped make these changes. The people of the villages helped themselves and each other. We support the work. Beautiful work!


To witness first hand, the profound and sustainable affect my contribution to V4F has made possible for an entire village of people is beyond anything I could have imagined. To say that it moves me to tears, that I am inspired and filled with gratitude, barely scrapes the surface. This Matters.

CFA - Committed Freedom Advocate

Often times, philanthropy can be a disconnected experience. You give. You feel good. The org feels good. Yet, you often never get to see the impact of you're giving. Not so, with V4F! The reports we received allowed us to experience the lives we were changing, almost first hand! We were so inspired by the success of this program that we funded another school! Warning...FREEDOM is contagious!

Board Member

When you look into the eyes of someone who is enslaved–they are dark, blank, hopeless. But when that woman, man, or child finally understands they can be free, in fact have a right to be free, a light goes on, hope is born, and the arc of the moral universe truly bends towards justice.

CoFounder, Board Member

Seeing the impact that we have made firsthand and how far the dollar goes, inspires me to want to come back again and again.


You can help end slavery. 


Sponsor a Village

You want to sponsor a village? YAY! We can do that!! You will be part of a really cool group of supporters who love adding new friends to the group.

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